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About Torr®Coal

The TorrCoal Group focusses on the development and commercial exploitation of torrefaction technology for wood chip materials as well as other potential base materialsTorrcoal is a member of both the Dutch Torrefaction Association and the International Biomass Torrefaction Council


Dutch Torrefaction Association

The dutch torrefaction Association was founded in 2011 by TorrCoal Technology, ECN, Fox Coal and Topell Energy with additional support of Agentschap NL and the Energy Vally Foundation with the goal to create a  national torrefaction knowledge platform.



International Biomass Torrefaction Council

The IBTC was founded on the 5th of decemebr 2012 by AEBIOM and several torrefaction stakeholders in collaboration with the DTA as a discussion platform among companies with mutual interests. The main objective of the council is to promote the use of torrefied biomass as energy carrier on an international level.



About Torr®Coal

We upgrade solid, not food competing, biomass into high energy bio-coal to produce sustainable energy and/or to use as a bio-refinery feedstock.

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