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A.hak to build a $50 million worth wood processing complex in Arkhangelsk region
Thursday, 17 September 2015 14:04

A. hak will build in collaboration with Gazprom Teploenergo a $50 million worth woodworking complex including 3 facilities. This was reported by the government of Russia's Arkhangelsk region.

The project was proposed by Gazprom Teploenergo and the Dutch A.Hak Renewable Energy B.V. The complex will be built in Plesetsk district of Arkahngelsk region and will comprise a lumber manufacturing complex in Severoonezhsk, a biochar plant and a LVL production facility in Plesetsk. Total joint investments are expected to come up to 3.5 billion rubles or about $50 million.

The project of a pellet plant contemplates production of an innovative biofuel - black pellets also known as bio-char. Sawmills' by-products will serve as a raw material, says the report of the local government. The Dutch company is the one bringing this innovative technology to Russia.

The plant construction is in line with the gradual boilers modernization and their converstion to gas or biofuel programme pursued by the local government which hopes to completely abandon the use of imported fuel by 2025.

The main advantage of biochar is its calorific value, quite similar to that of coal, which will make the conversion of coal-fired boilers to the new kind of fuel rather smooth, with no need for major equipment modernization.

According to Leonid Bogorad, the CEO of Gazprom Teploenergo, a new site will create more jobs for the locals. He also underlined that the project had been approved by the head of the region Igor Orlov. In such a way, Gazprom Teploenergo hopes to start the facility construction as early as this winter. The launch is planned for 2016.

Gazprom Teploenergo ensures the operation of 1,105 power facilities in 22 regions of Russia. It is a subsidiary of gas giant Gazprom.


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