Why torrefaction?

TorrCoal believes bio-carbon should replace fossil coal, because it is one of the most polluting energy sources we have. We want to avoid climate-damaging CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. Because the world needs an eco-friendly alternative to energize our industries: torrefaction.

Who should use torrefaction?

TorrCoal technology makes bio-carbon streams available to those who believe in renewable natural resources. To those who value maximizing profit just as much as minimizing carbon footprint. To those who believe in input of biomass in industrial processes.

How does torrefaction work?

Torrefaction is about carbonizing feedstock materials to increase the energy density, carbon content and enhance the hydrophobic properties. Torrefied biomass results in black, brittle, hydrophobic material and has the same heating value as coal. So, the heat is on!


Dalkia (Katowice)
Nuon (Buggenum)
Uniper (Rotterdam)

See for yourself

TorrCoal was the first to embrace torrefaction and we never let go. We examined and investigated. We gained a lot of knowledge. Knowledge that we want to share with you. That is why we designed and built our own plant. The largest operational torrefaction factory in the world. Do you want to reduce CO2 emissions and keep your fossil coal-based assets running at the same time? Don’t know how? Visit our plant and we will show you how.

Meet the TorrCoal team

Randy Hagenbeek (MD)
Our Builder & Organizer
Jo Sluijsmans (QHSE)
Our Knowledge Treasurer
Bart Tambuyser (BD)
Our Application Finder
Lode Smeets (EPC)
Our Project Realizer
Ghania Ounoughene (T&I)
Our Energetic Innovator
Maurice Welters (QHSE)
Our Process Guardian
Rob Melk (INVERTR)
Our Strategist & Leader
Jef Geukens (Projects)
Our Manifestor