Heating industrial processes

For many products like steel, cement, asphalt, insulation materials and packaging, fossil coal is used to heat the ovens in the production processes. Most industrial companies are now replacing fossil coal by a renewable alternative, like bio-carbon. Those companies can integrate our torrefaction technology into their existing production process. This implies that biomass is torrefied on the production site itself and used as power source for oven processes.

Raw material for chemical processes

The chemical industry is looking for ways to reduce their CO2 footprint by applying bio-carbon instead of fossil carbon, like oil and gas. Torrefaction enables the production of a highly homogeneous material of a constant quality, which is used as raw material for many chemical processes. To produce renewable gases like syngas and hydrogen for instance. Chemical companies can easily integrate TorrCoal technology into their production process.

Additive for compounding plastic materials

Producers and processors of plastics are adding presently fossil based black carbon or carbon fibers to their compounds to achieve material and product properties like: reinforcement, pigmentation (black), UV-stability and conductivity. Applying bio-carbon allows to contribute to the so-called carbon capture within the concept of cascading (i.e. a step by step movement of applying renewable carbon from high value applications to lower value applications). By replacing the fossil carbon in plastics by bio-carbon producers and processors are contributing to the circular economy.


About TorrCoal

We believe in the power of bio-carbon solutions. A clean and consistent quality carbon for your industrial installations. What if you could produce your own renewable carbon stream? What if you could use this as a cleaner heat source in your existing fossil coal-based installations? Now you can. With TorrCoal.


DBFZ Burkhardt (Mühlhausen)
Technische Universität Freiburg (Freiburg)
Helsingin Energia (Hanasaaren)


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C-Newable EG22-RW product information sheet
Data sheet
Input raw materials – torrefaction process – output product
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A comprehensive review on biomass torrefaction

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