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Feedstock for
valuable carbon

TorrCoal technology turns bio-residuals into bio-carbon. And that bio-carbon can replace fossil coal to heat your industrial installations and petrochemical processes. We believe in the value of bio-carbon as an eco-friendly energy source and we want to avoid climate-damaging CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. How about you?

We want to help you produce your own bio-carbon with high calorific value. Densified in pellets or ground to powder. Easy for transport, handling and storage. And more sustainable and more renewable than fossil coal. What if you could produce your own renewable carbon stream? What if you could use this as a cleaner heat source in your existing fossil coal-based installations? Or as a fossil carbon replacement in general? Or as carbon sink? Now you can. With TorrCoal technology.

Bio-residuals to

Generate your own bio-carbon stream? But with what? TorrCoal enables you to put renewables and recyclables into valuable carbon. Use bio-residuals that are the direct by-product of agriculture or forestry, or even by-products of processing or consuming primary biomass streams. Or recycled streams that contain carbon, like communal waste streams, solid recovered fuel and refuse-derived fuel.

Applications of TorrCoal technology

TorrCoal technology makes bio-carbon solutions available to everyone. To entrepreneurs who believe in input of bio-residuals in industrial processes. Who operate installations for steel, cement, asphalt production or petrochemicals. Who want to use bio-carbon for new installations or integrate torrefaction in existing settings. TorrCoal technology provides the green answer.

Circular and
biobased economy

The majority of mankind agrees that climate change is an urgent danger. However, different viewpoints exist on to how address the climate problem. TorrCoal strongly believes in the principles of the circular and biobased economy. A viewpoint shared by many businesses, governments, institutes and promoted by NGO’s like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


TorrCoal regards the circular economy as an economic system where the loops are closed. The value of raw materials, components and products is maximized to its fullest potential. Each loop is considered to be a system and every element is a part of this same system. No real waste exists here, only recyclables. Bio-carbon solutions now can be available to everyone.


Embedded within the circular economy is the biobased economy, an economic system that utilises crops, agricultural residuals and food residuals for non-food applications. Biomass is used for production of materials, chemicals, transport, fuels, and energy. Drivers are sustainability, economic chances, securing energy supply and the improvement of agriculture. Fossil resources are replaced with their biologic counterparts called renewables.

Best available technology

With TorrCoal technology you can utilise normally unsuitable rest streams as a renewable heat source, raw material or additive. Our technology delivers a constant bio-carbon stream to your fossil coal-based installation. Everywhere where bio-residuals are sufficiently available. That is what we offer: licensing the best available torrefaction process technology, engineering expertise, market know-how and first-hand user experience.


Ferriere Nord (Udine)
Nuon (Buggenum)
Helsingin Energia (Hanasaaren)


Scientific paper
A comprehensive review on biomass torrefaction
Technical paper
Flue gas cleaning during the torrefaction process of low value biomass containing residual flows
Technical paper
Torrefaction of low value biomass containing residual flows

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