Position paper
How torrefaction enables the shift from energy transition to the material transition
Data sheet
C-Newable EG22-RW product information sheet
Data sheet
C-Newable EG24-WB product information sheet
Torrcoal Bio-Carbon Solutions
Data sheet
Input raw materials – torrefaction process – output product
Technical paper
Torrefaction of low value biomass containing residual flows
Scientific paper
Biomass torrefaction on industrial scale
Technical paper
Reuse of contaminated washing water from torrefied product desalination process
Technical paper
Pelletizing biocarbon
Case study
VPK Packaging: Making the paper and pulp industry more sustainable
Scientific paper
INdustriele en decentrale VErduurzaming door iNnovatieve biomassa Torrefactie 2 (INVENT 2)
Scientific paper
Torrefied wood pellet supply chain
Scientific paper
EAF industrial trials – biomass as fossil coal substitute
Technical paper
Flue gas cleaning during the torrefaction process of low value biomass containing residual flows
Scientific paper
Moving torrefaction towards market introduction
Technical paper
Product cleaning (desalting) after torrefaction of low value biomass
Scientific paper
Financial analysis of costs and benefits of black pellets
Scientific paper
A comprehensive review on biomass torrefaction

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TorrCoal was one of the first to embrace torrefaction and we never let go. We examined and investigated. We gained a lot of knowledge. Knowledge that we want to share with you. That is why we designed and built our own plant. One of the largest operational torrefaction factories in the world. Do you want to reduce CO2 emissions and keep your fossil coal-based assets running at the same time? Don’t know how? Visit our plant and we will show you how.

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