About the factory

TorrCoal took torrefaction from the drawing board into the real world by building a plant. But not at lab-scale. No, we built a full-size industrial torrefaction plant. Challenging as it was, we are not ashamed to admit it took us years to perfect the process. Until we were fully satisfied. The idea became reality. TorrCoal Production Centre has been built and now the heat is on. The plant lies in Dilsen-Stokkem (Belgium), less than an hour’s drive from Eindhoven Airport and close to the Dutch and German borders.


Largest factory

This torrefaction plant, which is easily accessible by road and waterways, has a surface area of 2.500 m2. The facility is operated around the clock in shifts and consists of 3 units: pre-treatment, torrefaction and post-treatment. Pre-treatment is used to prepare the feedstock for torrefaction and encompasses sizing and drying. It includes 1.600 tons of feedstock storage that is operated by a robot crane. Our pre-treatment set-up enables blending different kinds of feedstocks together for torrefaction.

30.000 ton

The torrefaction unit itself has a design capacity of 30.000 t/y of bio-carbon output. It has a control and electrical room, a rotary drum, heat generation and recuperation, air purification and product cooling all together in one 12-meter-tall building that equals roughly the size of two basketball courts. Post-treatment are all processes after the bio-carbon is cooled. We have equipment that can either crush, mill or densify the bio-carbon. To store our product, we have pellet and powder silos, that are able to load silo trucks.

TorrCoal factory

Visit our factory

We have eaten our pudding and found our proof. You can find it as well, in Dilsen-Stokkem. Come and visit the world’s largest operational torrefaction factory. The most efficient torrefaction installation on earth, serving multiple functions. Do you want to experience how you can generate your own bio-carbon stream and get the heat on? Then our TorrCoal torrefaction factory tour is a must-go. Get in contact with our torrefaction experts and aks for the possibilities.

From biomass to bio-carbon

TorrCoal once started with a dream. Or better said: with a firm belief. A belief in a process to make the world cleaner and more sustainable: torrefaction. Torrefaction turns wood and agro residuals into bio-carbon, that can replace fossil coal to power industrial installations and petrochemical processes.

Best available technology

With TorrCoal technology you can utilise normally unsuitable rest streams as a renewable heat source, raw material or additive. Our technology delivers a constant bio-carbon stream to your fossil coal-based installation. Everywhere where wood and agro residuals are sufficiently available. That is what we offer: licensing the best available torrefaction process technology, engineering expertise, market know-how and first-hand user experience.

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