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Energy and carbon content as function of torrefaction temperatures.

Average values collected from torrefaction of waste wood (forest maintenance waste streams) at industrial scale.


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Features and benefits of our torrefaction technology.


Under these conditions the tenacious fiber structure of the biomass feedstock is largely destroyed through the breakdown of hemicellulose and cellulose molecules. In addition, gases are emitted which are used to fuel the process resulting in a very energy efficient system. So far our chemistry lessons about a process that worked in a laboratory. Let’s talk about how we have perfected this into our own TorrCoal technology.

Best available technology

TorrCoal has turned torrefaction into proven technology, serving multiple functions. We have an adamant opinion regarding those functions, as well as about proving technology. To prove our technology, we built one of the largest torrefaction factories on earth. With the largest output volume. The largest qualified supply in feedstock. The largest variety cocktail of product specifications. The only one to produce bio-carbon powder. Enough proof?


Torrefaction technology is the most environmentally sustainable when it is used to process either tertiary biomass streams or waste streams. Tertiary biomass streams are residuals that remain after use or consumption of a product, e.g. demolition wood and waste wood. Non-recyclable waste streams are a mix of non-recyclable waste containing elements of plastics, textile, rubber, wood or paper or SRF (solid recovered fuel), which is the result of processing those waste streams to a level of smaller elements with a higher calorific value.


With TorrCoal you can utilise these normally unsuitable input as clean heat supply for your installations. Or as a fossil carbon replacement in general. Or as carbon sink. For many products like steel, cement, asphalt, insulation materials and packaging, bio-carbon can be used as source for process heating. Furthermore, TorrCoal enables the production of high-quality homogeneous materials, which are used as raw material for chemical processes. And plastics  producing companies can contribute to the circular and biobased economy by replacing fossil carbon by bio-carbon. Get the heat on!

Our offering

TorrCoal offers the word the best available torrefaction process technology. We help you generate your own bio-carbon stream by licensing our intellectual property, as part of a basic engineering package. We advise upon detail engineering, help you find the right technical partners and equipment suppliers. We support at installation and most of all, we support you with our first-hand user experience. The heat is on, with Torrcoal technology.


Our products and services

C-Newable (Bio-carbon supply) stands for our core product.

C-Vertr (Torrefaction technology & equipment) is our core technology.

C-Novation (Knowledge development & sharing) is us, providing support in several ways.


Ferriere Nord (Udine)
Helsingin Energia (Hanasaaren)
Torrgas (Groningen)

See for yourself

TorrCoal was one of the first to embrace torrefaction and we never let go. We examined and investigated. We gained a lot of knowledge. Knowledge that we want to share with you. That is why we designed and built our own plant. One of the largest operational torrefaction factories in the world. Do you want to reduce CO2 emissions and keep your fossil coal-based assets running at the same time? Don’t know how? Visit our plant and we will show you how.


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